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TriHealth Library Services: Citation Tools

Citation Generators

Computer-generated citations are not guaranteed to be correct and should always be double-checked for accuracy and completeness. Consult your APA manual or your professor for clarifications.


Which tool is best for you?

EasyBib, EndNote Web, and Mendeley can help you to store the citations you find during your research.

They all make it easy to format a works cited list. Which is best for you? It depends on what you need in a citation tool.

If you need to...   Use Because
Cite a few sources in APA, MLA or Chicago/Turabian EasyBib You don't have to set up an account or import records to create citations.
Easily import citations from websites EasyBib, Mendeley EasyBib, paste in a web address and fill out the form to create a citation. Mendeley has a plug in to capture website information.
Share citations with a group Mendely, EasyBib,  Endnote Web Each has a mechanism for sharing with a group.







           Consider the following:  

  EasyBib EndNote Web Mendeley 


 2 GB Free - must purchase desktop version for additional storage.

2 GB Free - with option to purchase additional storage.

Web-based yes yes yes + desktop version
Use on multiple computers yes yes yes
Import from databases no yes yes
Import from websites copy URL and fill out form yes yes
Link to PDFs no yes yes
Citation styles available MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian,
ASA, AMA, CSE, ACS, Harvard.














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